About Us

Pianoforte is a school of music, opened in the year 2000. We offer extensive educational lessons for many instruments: the violin, guitar, percussion instruments, and the flute; as well as courses in singing, and music theory classes.

It is our belief that any person, regardless of age, can attend to art. Thus, the Pianoforte team is dedicated to the relation of teaching their students, rather than lecturing them. For this purpose we follow contemporary, world-renowned educational trends, and use new, as well as established teaching methods.

From all of the above, we can conclude that Pianoforte’s mission is to form students who have realized:

–          That the self-discipline to dedicate one’s self to regular musical practice is the only way to achieve competence;

–          That the instruments are vital tools in the creative expression of one’s emotions, thoughts and imagination through music;

–          That art, as a whole, represents a force which enriches people;

–          That music represents a form of personal communication, and thus is a possibility of intercultural understanding;

–          That musical professionalism has a profound impact in the development of societies;

–          That each and every musician and artist has a responsibility and a role in creating the future.

The founders of Pianoforte:

Mrs. Marina Chado- graduated violinist at the prestigious conservatorium Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, in Moscow, Russia. Mrs. Chado has a vast experience in performing, as well as a rich educational carrier. Before coming to Pianoforte she was a long standing director of a music school in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Mrs. Violeta Stefanovska-Shutkovikj – graduated pianist in Skopje, Macedonia, with an MA in piano studies from the Conservatorium of Music, at the University of Tasmania in Australia. Mrs. Stefanovska- Shutkovikj has decades of experience in music education and performing.