Kristina Angelova began her music education in DSMU Sergei Mihailov in Shtip, where she finished her primary education in piano in the class of Jasmina Bikova, as well as her high school music education in the class of Slavcho Velichkov. She graduated from the music academy in the class of Stela Seljanska. Her further education was at the departments of professor Dikov and professor Dikova in Bulgaria, and with Professor Lepsha Piperkovska in the Republic of Macedonia.

Kristina has taken part in numerous solo and chamber competitions, including performances at Interfest in Bitola, the Republic of Macedonia and Petar Konjovic in Belgrade, Serbia.She has performed numerous solo concerts as a guest solo performer, as well as in chamber ensembles, while her concert at the closing of Shtip Summer Festival was a truly special performance.

She is a member of the European Piano Teacher Association (EPTA).